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    Water & Electricity Do Not Mix - Can someone let Bryants know!!!

    Bryants seem to believe that water and electricity go well together!!! - Amazingly it does not - I was asked to plug in water drenched electrical items - by their site manager - even being blonde and female I decided not a good idea! Dangerous as not everyone has commonsense and it could lead to...
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    Complaints Procedure in New Build - Non Existent

    Buying a house is your biggest investment but then when things go wrong ie plumbing, subsidence etc. there seems no one to turn to as the major housebuilders ignore the customer The NHBC, Consumer Rights, Trading Standards, CAB, and even the Health & Safety Executive do not want to know If...
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    Probelms with Bryant Homes

    If you are having problems with your Bryant Home and cannot get anywhere and want to take legal action - contact - the chap their has a solicitor who will act for FREE if they can get more than 20 + complainants
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    Mismatched Windows?

    Hi we are in the process of buying a house from Bryant Homes. We reserved our plot in March and at that time the house was already roofed in and had all but 2 sets of windows fitted. Over several months we were told that the windows were on order from a different company as the one they...