New Build Inspections
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    Ceiling leak new build

    My son has been in his house for one week. After 3 days they had a small leak in the kitchen ceiling. There is a bathroom above but the builders Plummer says all is dry under the floor (made small hole in ceiling) They have not used the bathroom since but today one week later when they came to...
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    Tiling in bathroom wrong

    Hi I move into my Persimmon home next week and went for a look round today while a builder was in there, I paid for the bathroom fully tiled and originally asked for it horizonal but after speaking to a tiler at work he said it won't look right so called in sales office and changed it to...
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    Noise of running water from flats above

    Hello, 15 months ago I bought and I moved into, what I thought at the time, dream come true, new build flat. As much I try to stay positive, the sound of waterfalls and banging, crushing noises from the pipes make me a bit sleepless sometimes. I live on the first floor of 5. Kitchen area-living...
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    Plans show a bathroom window, there isn't one there.

    Hi guys, I was wondering if someone could help. My partner an I are in the process of buying a New Build house (H2B scheme). It is an end of terrace house. On the 1st floor bathroom there is no window, but there is a window shown on the elevation planning drawings and on the sales brochure...
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    Installation fault discovered 4 years on - What to do?

    Hi all, I am hoping someone is able to offer advice. In 2012 we purchased a new build shared-ownership home that was built by Barratts (building completed in 2012). Within the first few months we had plumbing issues with our hot water system and a flooded bathroom because someone had not...
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    Shower legal advise

    Hi & HELP please I need some advice on my rights Ive just purchased a flat in a new build, specifically marketed as a high end finish 'penthouse' apartment. On doing the snagging checks at handover we found that the shower (which is a glass partitioned section running the length of one end of...
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    Bathroom wall tiles not flush - acceptable?

    Hi, first post and first time buyer! Unfortunately, our builders (Bett) didn't allow us into the property until a week before settling so we're now in and have been asked to let them know about defects (essentially, snagging). I've found a few things but one I'm not sure about is the...