New Build Inspections
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    Exterior Brickwork on Barratt New Build

    Hi, Moved into a Barratt new build in November 2016. Over the past few months have been dealing with the site team re the brickwork in this build as I can see that, facing the building, there is a slope from the mid point to the end of the house where the garage is. They've advised this is...
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    Barratt Home (Maple Park, Essex)

    Hi, I am wondering if anyone else from Maple Park or even Barratt has had serious issues with snagging. I'm not even talking about cosmetical issues (which I have tons off) I'm having serious issues with my floors & Stairs on the 1st and 2nd floor. The problem seems to be under the...
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    Barratt Customer Care Don't Care

    Anyone else had problems getting Barratt Customer Care to fix problems with their new home? I have been waiting 4 months for door and door frame to be to be replced after they said it would take 6 weeks! Been unable to heat house all winter. We have dips in the floor which they don't seem keen...
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    My partner and I are really keen to purchase a Barratt home in a new development they're building near us. In order to get onto the waiting list, we need to have had an offer accepted on our property, so it's going on the market next week. Our issue is this - we have no idea how long the...
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    No new posts for a while - have things got better?

    Hello! I see a lot of useful posts here but nothing recent (2016). Have things gotten better? Or is it just that anyone who recently bought hasn't had time to uncover any issues yet? Additionally, did anyone have any problems getting Barratt to agree to a snagging inspection prior to...
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    Barratt/David Wilson Home File

    Morning all, I am in a long running dispute with Barratt/David Wilson over the poor quality of my new home and their bodged attempts to put it right. I have the photos on a keepandshare page but can't post the link because I am a new member. Something that has helped my case was a...
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    Reflections @ Riverside, York

    I am a 1st time buyer and on the homebuy direct scheme, reserved on a 2 bed apartment at the above development with Barratt Homes. I have just received notification from my solicitor that Barratts have changed the position of the stairs in the communal area, which means: i) It infringes on...