New Build Inspections
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    Downstairs apartment noise

    Hello, I am new to the site - discovered it today! - and looking for some help/advice/constructive comments please. I moved into my brand new top floor apartment in July built by Bloor homes. I am a first time buyer and really stretched myself to buy the apartment, I was so excited and was...
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    New Build Apartment Noise Problem

    We have just moved in to a new build duplex apartment. Our new neighbours moved in a week after us, and the noise began. We can hear every footstep and bang, and worst of all can hear them use the toilet and then the flush, as their toilet is on our wall. It isn't there fault, its just normal...
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    Reflections @ Riverside, York

    I am a 1st time buyer and on the homebuy direct scheme, reserved on a 2 bed apartment at the above development with Barratt Homes. I have just received notification from my solicitor that Barratts have changed the position of the stairs in the communal area, which means: i) It infringes on...