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    Brickwork issues with my new bellway home

    Drop me a line Office will give you my phone number ..give me a call I don't want you worrying about this ..when we don't even know what is you're concerned about Please send a picture from a distance away
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    Brickwork issues with my new bellway home

    On your photos. When seen on my phone ... you have what I thought was some form of green superimposed angle former ...I thought you were saying that the pitch changed from one side to the other and was using this green thing to show it ... Bit of a misunderstanding there So what's the green...
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    Brickwork issues with my new bellway home
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    Brickwork issues with my new bellway home

    I've just realised you mean that the roof differs in pitch from one side to other My apologies ..looking on my phone and didn't see the green angle finder on roof Yes ..more of an issue ..i suspect but can't see on photo that trusses are at 45 degrees but the brickwork differs at the gable...
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    Brickwork issues with my new bellway home

    Because of what I said above If you read the pre amble to nhbc document "a consistent approach to finishes" states The fix and the effort required in order to make good should be proportion to the problem Now I don't make the rules or enforce them I just advise clients my opinion...
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    Brickwork issues with my new bellway home

    hi there you can download the NHBC guide to brickwork off the internet ....but in my humble opinion whilst its not technically or aesthetically correct .....its impact is low and you will find the NHBC has a clause saying that the solution should be in relation to the problem in my...
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    Persimmon Roof Construction - any thoughts ?

    Don't forget guys if it's a traditional cut roof and not trusses ..there will not be any cleats ...( Metal connecting plates) Cut roofs will be simply nailed ... all that timber in the first photo looks like a cut roof to me ...or more specifically it looks like a hybrid of the two ... Perhaps...
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    TV programme looking for your new build story

    Rip Off Britain is keen to hear peoples experiences of living on new build estates– good or bad – from the houses themselves to the upkeep of communal areas and roads. Please feel free to DM me or email me on
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    the pros and cons of buying a new house off plan

    What are the biggest advantages? Paula Higgins replies: It might be possible to personalise your home by having a say on the internal layout, fixtures and fittings, as well as where is sits within the development. Your home will also come with a new-build warranty which can give you greater...
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    Advice needed please

    well some of these things are a legal requirement , if you have yours as well , then just drop them around to your nieghbour , if you dont then write to the builder most instructions can be found on then net , but you will need your gas and electric certificates issuing
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    Persimmon Roof Construction - any thoughts ?

    agreed its not the best looking job ive ever seen ....might be worth getting someone to look at it if youre concerned ...try the builder first , show them the pics K2 ROOF SURVEYORS ....based in wakefield but cover nationwide are the chaps to call ...they specialise in this sort of thing i...
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    Window scratches

    yes normal glass can have the scratches polished out if its not too deep however toughened glass cannot
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    Creaking/Cracking ceilings

    ask the builder if you can ....or google builders name and type in joist supplier and see if anything pops up or make a hole in ceiling ...many manufacturers will print their names on the joists do you have home legal cover on your insurance ....might be worth utilising that option finding...
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    Creaking/Cracking ceilings Is this what you're experiencing to a video
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    Creaking/Cracking ceilings

    builder is responsible for everything in the defects liability period ..however YOU end up having to prove the problem before they will attend , and now youve have the warranty company say no will be just that bit harder im afraid you might want to get in touch with the joist...
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    URGENT: How do I get the Snagging Guide?

    all done , a refund was issued yesterday
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    first homes scheme explained
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    URGENT: How do I get the Snagging Guide?

    hi , we can sort that out for you jennie drop a line to and they will contact you to get your details and do a refund for you might find the first one in your spam box how did the snagging go ....any questions just get in touch you as much as we can
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    Any Berkeley homes problems?

    to be fair berkeley are one of the better builders with good customer service ......this whole charade about the pricing is just crazy ....but as you say it means they can determine interest and squeeze out the last of the margins
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    buying 5yr old house do I need to get a survey

    you really need to get a building survey . not a snagging survey by a RICS chartered surveyor