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    Little or no response from builder/snags repair worse

    hi any repairs that the builder undertakes should still be covered by them , and if they are not successful you should make a claim to be in dispute with the builder to the NHBC ...despite what they may have said you should also be covered by the builders code of conduct a copy...
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    Negotiating a price under the help to buy equity loan

    you have nothing to loose go in bold and brassy and say you need 10perecent off you or your partner not in the services are you . some builders operate a scheme
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    Riverdale Developments

    best thing to do is speak with your new neighbours cheeky , introduce yourself and ask them how the experience was and if they would recommend getting a snagger in
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    Slightly different. Oven - scolding hot door?

    builder will no doubt say you have to go to manufacturer
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    Is this brickwork acceptable?

    its impossible to tell at this stage have a look at this will help you...
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    Rising damp concerns

    hi case of short on space limits good design so yes its good that they installed a second dpm ....but it means those bricks below in winter or after heavy rain are always going to look wet check bricks under dpc are suitably rated and the mortar is a darker colour ....different mix for...
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    New build rising damp.

    your local planning dept will be able to help you ....velux type windows dont normally req permission , but if you install dormers they do your seller has a duty to disclose whether it has permission or not............. if they had it done retrospective planning can be obtained if it wasnt...
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    New Build Apartment Noise Problem

    one of the problems is flanking sound transmission ..coming from the edges of the floors in wooden floor buildings how many storeys are you ? in my experience even when built to standard ....the standards are not good enough ..and noise seeps through but sound test by a professional will...
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    Repair to roof truss

    its going to depend on a number of factors , such as whats been damaged and where , but generally a truss can be repaired .....following manufacturers guidelines and using the correct connection plates etc find out from your builder who the truss manufacturer was and speak to thier tech dept...
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    DIY SNAGGING CHECKLIST only £9.99...updated for 2020 has updated its hugely popular DIY snagging checklist , available for more than a decade and definitely the best on the web 2020 sees some new changes to the format and enabling those who wish to have a template and a guide in how to inspect their new home still only £9.99...
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    Drain concerns

    hi tom unless you are are the first house or last ....then youre likley to have some one else drains run trhough your gardens ....this is normal and easements will be made and accepted by your solicitor you seem to have a lot ...are you on a corner plot ...where drains change direction
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    Breaking inner wall at the beginning of Extension build

    doesnt sound very secure to me .....wonder about his mates ? dont think your insurance company would be happy either dont plan on leaving ...good job were on lock down find a better way ...look at how councils board up thier empty properties
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    Quick opinions please

    hey if youre getting what you want ....thats great i see porch canopies like your installed with other materials instead of lead ( to save money) and these too get signed off by the NHBC
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    Quick opinions please

    YOU HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD WHEN YOU SAID GUIDELINES the builder can use other acceptable methods that meet the technical standards , the guidelines just show one way of meeting standards trust me ....been here many times before
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    Quick opinions please

    stepped is the traditional and in my opinion the best looking method however there is nothing technically wrong with what you have ....
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    Remedial works in excess of £130k, taking NHBC to court

    try geoff peters at
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    Remedial works in excess of £130k, taking NHBC to court

    off to court then i expect ...i can recommend some good construction specialist lawyers
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    Drain issues - how severe?

    you have nothing to loose by going to the nhbc make a claim and see what they say ..if you get nowhere with the builder
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    New build rising damp.

    youre photo is so close i cannot get a context ....please take a few metres back and take photos damp below dpc exactly where it should be ...i would be worried if it was above ...but please send photos i will give you some thoughts