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    Simpler home buyers survey
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    What do you want the BBC to investigate Click on link
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    Amendments to Contract

    First thing is ..we have so many stories of problems trying to challenge or complain about developers conveyancers There's a conflict of interest if you make a complaint to them Ask them !!! Also I've heard of developers pulling rug if you don't use Thiers or withdraw incentives
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    Wain homes couple sell house with defects on facebook

    Click on link
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    Latest news on air testing and new houses An interesting read Airtightness testing is widely undertaken to assess the as-built performance of dwellings, in support of achieving energy and ventilation strategies. Mandatory schemes operate in some countries, such as...
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    Right to manage step by step guide
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    still no news on new build ombudsman
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    Property ombudsman calls for new build inclusion

    See latest report
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    I agree it's worth while seeing what you can get There's going to be some inconvenience and loss of use Then there's the boundary issue ...they cannot just move it unless it's correctly positioned in the first place Worth a call to a specialist construction solicitor Try Geoff at...
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    Nhbc plaster work dabs perimeter thermal sealing and thermal imaging

    In regards to direct bonding of plasterboard to masonry, I've done some digging. BS 8000:8 and manufacturers are clear with regards to the distribution and size of dabs Since this is "hidden" work - not a lot of notice paid on site! Perimeter sealing rarely done etc. etc. Methods of assessing...
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    Bovis homes snagging news Also in the sun today
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    Bovis in the news
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    Latest hbf survey 2016-2017
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    Developer wants to change Lease and Plans after contracts exchanged?

    Consumer code Ok ...not that it makes any real difference .... If your builder is NHBC registered then he is under the terms of the warranty contract that the 3 parties enter into is obliged to furnish you with a copy of the code at the time of putting down your deposit ....this way you...
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    Developer wants to change Lease and Plans after contracts exchanged?

    Builders code of conduct Builders required by law to give you a copy Builder is supoosed to abide by code ....but in all the years of its being in use ...and hundreds of thousands of new homes being built ...theres been less than a handfull of succcessful claims using the code
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    No LABC Warranty

    Sorry ...Wingrove Law
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    No LABC Warranty

    No LABC warranty cover Please let us know how you get on this will help others
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    Bovis Edwalton Nottingham Development - Thoughts?

    This information if available yet should be public ....have you tried the local planning dept They will allow you to see but not copy
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    No LABC Warranty

    No LABC warranty cover In which case your builder is in breach of contract not providing you with a warranty And Has made false advertising claims regardingbwarranty protection And your solicitor has let you down ....they should ensure all the paperwork is in order prior...
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    Doorstop placed closed to door hinges causing hinges to crack

    Broken hinges Please send photos we can better see what you mean and whats happening That way i can respond accordingly