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New Build Inspections
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    1 month snagging list

    Hi all to everyone who has bought a Persimmon home. I haven't yet received the form to log my 1 month snagging/teething issues, did everyone get this in the post or from the sales office? They are only small issues, but I want them all to be fixed on one (or two days) as I have to take time...
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    Acoustic insulation in interal walls and floors - building regs

    Hi again. I've been checking the build of my house and have found the place to be plastered but no internal insulation in the walls. The house is a standard block, and the internal walls are (all non supporting) metal studs (see link) with single plasterboard on each side. The building...
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    Are floor joists like this normal?

    Is this normal? I plan to put a weight bench upstairs...
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    Considering a Persimmon Newbuild

    Hi All, great website! I'm considering a new build detached house built by Persimmon. I really like the location, and the price for the house is 'reasonable' although I know I've over paid - but I'll get to that later. What is the process? So far I've paid £500 reservation fee, and they...