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    Ben Bailey's Responce & Where to go now???

    This is the letter that I sent to Ben Baileys Customer Service Team and the response that was given, I am apsolutely disgusted with their reply and wish to take this further were do I go now, im tempted to take this all the way to the papers if I have to I havent even been living here a year...
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    Anyone know what this is ???

    We found what we can only describe as a silicone sealant tube holding up our shelf in the kitchen cupboard anyone else had this?? Can post a pic at the moment forum wont allow it Also can we complain about the fact that our internal door between the garage and the kitchen is letting in a...
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    wall structure help needed

    i have recently moved into a ben bailey home which is covered by a 10 year nhbc. we have two children one 4 and the other 9 months and we wanted to have a stairgate at the top of the stairs. we bought a stair gate which just has rubber bits at each end that pushes against the wall. one...