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New Build Inspections
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    Sovereign Grange

    Anyone else bought here or thinking about buying here?
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    Advice to proceed

    Hi all Before I approach my solicitor I'm hoping someone else may know a way around my current peeve, sorry current top peeve amongst many peeves.....yes I'm well peeved. When choosing a kitchen for our house we asked the sales assistant for a specific kitchen, the same as the show home...
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    May I reiterate

    What I am about to write has been stated over and over again on this and many other websites but here goes...... DO NOT BUY A CHARLES CHURCH OR PERSIMMON HOUSE! Reasons why.... Blantant lies, lies, lies Poor quality NO customer service Late completion If anyone would like to add to...
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    Insulation Certificate

    I was under the impression that all new houses came with an Insulation Certificate and after three requests to Charles Church (don't ya love em) and three replies of "yes, it's on its way" I've now had this reply.... "With regards to the insulation certificate, please accept my apologies...