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New Build Inspections
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    Extending drive

    does anyone know the rules on new build boundaries? I'm wanting to get my drive block paved, on my deeds a strip of the turf next to my drive is part of my boundary, would I be correct in thinking I can extend my drive slightly closer to the end of my boundary? IV enclosed a photo to better explain
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    Part exchange clean and tidy retention

    Has anyone ever had a problem getting this back?
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    Tiling in bathroom wrong

    Hi I move into my Persimmon home next week and went for a look round today while a builder was in there, I paid for the bathroom fully tiled and originally asked for it horizonal but after speaking to a tiler at work he said it won't look right so called in sales office and changed it to...
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    Persimmon moving date do I have any say in this?

    Hi, iv been told by the site manager my new home will be ready no later than the 16th dec and we will be in by Christmas, I have part exchanged my current house with Persimmon, do I have to move on the date they say or can I have a say in the moving date, I have two young children and am worried...
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    Part exchange (electrical report)

    Hi, Iv part exchanged my home with Persimmon (my last house was a persimmon built in 2008) do I need to provide an electrical safety report? My solicitor has just contacted me saying persimmons legal dept require a copy of this, Iv rung a local electrician and he said I don't need one to sell a home
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    Persimmon finishing touches prices negotiable?

    Are finishing touches prices negotiable? Iv been through the prices and I am wanting to spend around £8000, but as its obvious to see the prices are well over the odds but as I work away I really Don't need the hassle of it all being done after I move in, I don't want to go in expecting to...