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New Build Inspections
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    Breach of Plot Conditions

    Hi can anyone advise on what happens if a developer breaches the plot conditions which are attached to a lease drawn between the developer and local authority? The Local Authority being the landowner. Cheers Gary
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    Planning Laws

    Hi I have recently been informed about the most rediculous planning legistlation I have ever heard, infact it is completely unbeleviable:P Manchester City Councils planning department officials recently informed me that if the they were to take out enforcement action against the developer...
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    Changes in Design

    Hello I would like to know whether a developer can change the design of a room which make it not fit for purpose? If they can't what can I do? regards Gary
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    Changes in Design

    Can a developer make major structural changes to the design of a new home without notificatation and that clearly contravene the plans, both marketing and working drawings. The extent of the structural changes deviates from the marketing of the property and causes an obstruction? In the...
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    Room Sizes

    Does anyone know, if there is a minimum room size for a bedroom? (Floor space) If so what is it and if a room does not meet this standard, then what can you do about it? Cheers Gary
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    The Way, Beswick, Manchester

    Hi anyone bought/buying or thinking of buying a new Lovell Property in Beswick? this is Lovells Falgship development in Manchester.... If so what's your experience been? long delays? poor quality workmanship? Never ending snagging list? Can't get your outstanding jobs finshed? Let us...