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    Undersized drain cover

    Building regulations require that chamber covers are secure and access not available to kids yes your builder needs to change this
  2. New Build Inspector

    Deposit unlock scheme explained
  3. New Build Inspector

    HOA advises on latest housing issues
  4. New Build Inspector

    Persimmon diy socket fronts

    Yes it's pretty easy ...but if not confident find a handyman You don't need a part p qualified sparkie to change plates
  5. New Build Inspector

    Start Date of builders new build warranty

    Hi it's from the date of legal completion on the property
  6. New Build Inspector

    anyone challenged NHBC report?

    Get your own survey done ...tell them what's happened .... The camera team being paid by builder ? Conflict of interest ...or at least ...they not motivated to find anything ...wait for it to block then call them
  7. New Build Inspector

    buying 5yr old house do I need to get a survey

    You need a Ric's survey . Belt and braces ...your mortgage company will insist on it
  8. New Build Inspector

    Wrong render before moving in

    The builder can change the spec without consulting you ...check your contract for exact wordings and the builders code of conduct Render can be removed and replaced Render can be overlaid or recoloured also ...but depends on a number of factors
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    Plasterboard not skimmed- new build.

    This is not an unusual finish for a mass market builder Skimming will of course look better ...
  10. New Build Inspector

    Homeowners reveal what they wish they’d known before buying Over 7000 buyers who bought a new build in the last 3 years recently revealed their regrets. Property management, parking and gardens top the list of things they wish they had thought about...
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    Flooding issues.

    Contact your local council....see if they can help Or Get together with your nieghbours and hire a specialist
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    LABC Dispute resolution

    My experience with both labc and nhbc is where there's a clear breach of standards they are usually helpfull And have many resolution reports to confirm If you claim for things that are not snags then you're gonna get kicked back The nhbc state that the manufacturers installation...
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    LABC Dispute resolution

    A bit more Yes the builder is responsible ...for 2 years But your idea of standards might be different from his ...or what the warranty technical standards Give the office a call on Monday is you want to talk's a complex issue bit easily dealt with and understood by text
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    LABC Dispute resolution

    Hi not sure about labc ...but nhbc is legally binding arbitration If your builder won't play ball ....and you've got an arbitration clause in your contact then that's the next step But first ensure that the issues you have are breaches of the technical standards Download a copy to and...
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    Sound Proofing - New Build Flat

    If it's built to standard got no chance You would have to prove its not been Which is expensive ...but not impossible There are a few acoustic specialists around who can test investigate
  16. New Build Inspector

    LABC Dispute resolution

    It's your next step contractually ...there will be a clause which requires you to arbitrate before going to court ...Labc won't get involved if you have already threatened court action
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    Flooding Garden

    Give the new build inspections office a call ask for Martyn he will be happy to talk through your situation and what options you have If you're with NHBC check chapter 10.2 on technical.standards on web
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    It's not yet in force have until the end of the year to sign up.abd the government has to introduce a bill in parliament to make it law don't hold your breath Until then ...snag your house as soon as you move in .within 7 days anyway !!!
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    Delay compensation - what to expect?

    I think that's a good strategy ...and in my experience works more than demanding cash
  20. New Build Inspector

    Delay compensation - what to expect?

    There's no automatic right to anything ...get ask whatever you think is fair and expect to be negotiated down Sometimes getting work done can be more effective than cashb ...i.e further paving or extra lighting etc