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    Charles Church - Negative Equity

    Have just received a photo about a Charles Church development in Central Scotland. The photo shows a silver car with a large sign on top of it saying: “PLOT 50 ON THIS SITE £25,000 NEGATIVE EQUITY” I believe the person parked the car and sign right outside the Charles Church sales...
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    Bricky Tools

    Maybe house-builders should invest in the Bricky Tools advertised on the tele shopping channels. As Noel Marshall says 'Provides a 12mm bed which produces an industry standard 10mm joint'. Not if you go to any sites on the go just now where you will find joints anywhere...
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    Charles Church - Gourock

    One angry Charles Church took measures to advertise the abysmal quality of Charles Church. See link below. Good on him I say. The more people who realise that the big house builders are utter crap and they are ripping customers...
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    I hear Redrow have suffered another collapse in Greenock. Funnily enough this is not far from last year's Manor Kingdom / Bett Homes / Gladedale collapse at Inverkip. Must be something in the air.
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    Bett Homes / Gladedale - Garage Door

    Finally got round to getting my garage door fixed. Phoned around a few repair companies explaining the problem. Settled on one company and went through all the details with the chap on the phone. When it told him the town I lived in the conversation went on as follows: Him - “Ahhhhh...
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    Gladedale Demolishes

    Bett Homes sister company Manor Kingdom, who are all now under the 'Gladedale' banner, 'took the decision' to demolish two detached villas at Kip Marina, Inverclyde. Was the decision taken to demolish because even they couldn't do a fix...
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    Sister Company's Collapse

    Manor Kingdom's prestigeous development suffers a collapse on one of its four-storey block of flats. Follow the link to the local newspaper's site or copy and paste the link into your browser: By the way Manor Kingdom is the sister...