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    Simpler home buyers survey
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    What do you want the BBC to investigate Click on link
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    Wain homes couple sell house with defects on facebook

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    Latest news on air testing and new houses An interesting read Airtightness testing is widely undertaken to assess the as-built performance of dwellings, in support of achieving energy and ventilation strategies. Mandatory schemes operate in some countries, such as...
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    Right to manage step by step guide
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    Property ombudsman calls for new build inclusion

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    Nhbc plaster work dabs perimeter thermal sealing and thermal imaging

    In regards to direct bonding of plasterboard to masonry, I've done some digging. BS 8000:8 and manufacturers are clear with regards to the distribution and size of dabs Since this is "hidden" work - not a lot of notice paid on site! Perimeter sealing rarely done etc. etc. Methods of assessing...
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    Bovis homes snagging news Also in the sun today
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    Bovis in the news
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    Latest hbf survey 2016-2017