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New Build Inspections
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    ReQuest floor plans/drawings from Builder

    I bought a house from Barratt, the left me hanging with hundreds of snags, some serious issue like faulty floors, no insulation, etc. NHBC took over the claim because builder refused to do the works, NHBC offered cash settlement so I started getting builders over to get quotes. They all ask me...
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    Major isssues with Barratt 3 bed semi detached

    Hi, We have moved in November 2016 and we still have a lot of unresolved issues. Some of which we had to escalate to the NHBC which to my shock made matters worse. They have tolerances but I have found them ruling in the builders favour even when walls/ceilings were out of tolerance, saying...
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    Barratt Home (Maple Park, Essex)

    Hi, I am wondering if anyone else from Maple Park or even Barratt has had serious issues with snagging. I'm not even talking about cosmetical issues (which I have tons off) I'm having serious issues with my floors & Stairs on the 1st and 2nd floor. The problem seems to be under the...