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    Gagging orders

    Can anyone help in explaining what these are all about and what it actually stop you doing/saying? Any help would be much appreciated..:confused: Thanks Clare
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    Charles Church won't let us snag before completion

    Practical completion is the stage where the property is deemed to be safe for habitation i.e fully functioning electrics, heating and plumbing, lights working, kitchen in, tiles fitted, appliances fitted and working, taps/shower installed, etc etc... but at this stage there many still be...
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    Charles Church won't let us snag before completion

    Also before completion the home will be full of snaggs because it's not finished. It would prob just be a waste of time and money aswell because you would need to do it again post handover anyway.... Yes, it's 'normal' practice to complete all snagging post handover. Clare
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    Roof - what's wrong?

    I cant view those photos you have attached, can you try attaching them again please? Clare
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    Charles Church won't let us snag before completion

    Generally builders wont grant any access untill Habitation and CML are granted (mine didnt anyway)... but bare in mind you have 2years to bring up snags... (but i would make sure all your snags are in writing and you have something from the that acknowledges the receipt of the snaggin list)...
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    Please Help !!!!

    Hi, Did you not get anything in writing to say the extras where going to be free... or even any invoices to say that you would have to pay for them? Clare
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    Manor Kingdom - Builder of leaky homes

    hi Jon, Can I ask what development your on? Cheers Clare
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    Manor Kingdom

    Excuse me!!! I don't know how you can make any judgement on anyones lifestyle, home choice, location choice or background.... I live in the country now and i want to stay in the country, there in a bus route going in for commuting and the development is a brownfield site! do your research mate...
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    How/ Where do I complain about Sunley?

    Hi Bert 666... What it is about Builders and Conversions... They just dont seem to have a scooby what to do with them... I had the same problem quite recently However because we had not exchanged i managed to get...
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    wall structure help needed

    It's a really good point but it could be an extremely tough battle... your best/ and cheapest bet is to span a bit of wood between the two studs where you will be putting the gate and you can either fix the gate to that or it can take the pressure. If they have fully complied with the standards...
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    wall structure help needed

    This was on another thread. I would recommend looking in the standards and making sure they have complied with NHBC standards.
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    drive construction

    sorry, Posted in the wrong place!..... didnt know how to delete it...
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    wall structure help needed

    i thought you said they will fix it...? I would really look at the thickness and quality of the plaster board used like nem39esis said- You might be able to get them with that... ask NHBC what the standards are for plasterboard.
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    Uneven floor and suspect wiring & pipework

    I toally agree with Nem39esis- shoddy!! With the movement in the flooring the sheath on the cables WILL wear away in time... (builders cutting corners again)- I'm suprised they didnt put a nail through one of the wires! Have a look at this, It's the technical guide from the NHBC, this will...
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    wall structure help needed

    If It wasnt their fault then why did they come the 'fix' it in the first place! Really, they've made the problem worse and caused a bigger bigger than the one they tried to fix and they accepted fault in the first instance... I'm not all up on the contracts but there must be something to back...
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    Manor Kingdom

    Does not sound like your having much luck at all... but believe me, do not wish you went with Bett... I pulled out of my purchase from them and I'm so glad i did (my property was meant to be complete Oct '09- I pulled out in Feb'10, due to an ongoing problem and Bett not having a clue how to do...
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    Aberdeenshire Newmachar-what a joke!

    Update Just a small update- As i have now resiled from my contract with (a bad) Bett I do not get any info, although not much different from when we were in contract. However, I drove past the development and both blocks are covered with scaffolding and tarpolin (there is still ppl living in...
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    I have now pulled out of the purchase with (a bad) Bett and bought from Manor Kingdom on the...

    I have now pulled out of the purchase with (a bad) Bett and bought from Manor Kingdom on the same development in Aberdeen. If anyone has any reviews for Manor Kingdom please let me know so i know what to look out for. Many Thanks
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    Manor Kingdom

    Any bad reviews or experiences with Manor Kingdom????? I'm buying from them and would like to see if there are any recurring problems/faults?... Thanks in advance, Clare
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    Aberdeenshire Newmachar-what a joke!

    hi again, Yeah Trisha- she doesnt like me... she will never take calls and knows sweet FA about construction. I would keep fighting them if you want to stick with the property. Out of interest, have they given you the option to pull out? I had been denied any more information than 'we are...