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New Build Inspections
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    Estate goes from Bad to Worse

    Our estate in Somerset is appalling. Despite complaining several times the landscaping remains disgraceful and the only action David Wilson Homes seem willing to take is to continually scatter grass seed hoping it will magically get better. Even worse than the landscaping is the state of...
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    14 months after moving in, the render is finally being redone

    Work has finally started to replace our render. We raised concerns about the render before we even completed in May 2014 so it seems ridiculous that we're having to put up with this disruption now. I suppose we should be grateful it's happening. We asked for a full survey and report on all...
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    Boss Render, NHBC Helping

    So, despite telling DWH that our render wasn't right before we moved in last May, and them supposedly fixing it, NHBC have recently been round to say there are serious issues with it. On several elevations the render is completely boss. What the builder had done before is simply patch the...
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    David Wilson Homes Meadow

    The developers, despite complaints from all the residents, are going to try and sign off our "meadow" as ready for handing over to the management company. The grass hardly has any chance along side the building debris. It also looks like some old scaffolding has been dumped in the bushes...
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    Extras paid for but not provided, refund denied (DWH)

    We paid around £190, before we moved in to our new DWH, to have ethernet cables run from the hall to two rooms in the house. After moving in, I couldn't find the sockets in the hall, only the two rooms. As I need good internet connection for work, I purchased AC ethernet plugs which work...
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    Window Flashing - New Build Snag?

    Hi, New to the form I'm afraid and fairly clueless about building but moving into a new-build this week. Although we haven't done formal snagging yet, I was a little concerned looking up at one of the windows as it looks like the flashing strip (if that's the correct term) hasn't been fitted...