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New Build Inspections
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    ReQuest floor plans/drawings from Builder

    I bought a house from Barratt, the left me hanging with hundreds of snags, some serious issue like faulty floors, no insulation, etc. NHBC took over the claim because builder refused to do the works, NHBC offered cash settlement so I started getting builders over to get quotes. They all ask me...
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    Creaking Floor Upstairs

    where do you find BBA certificates for your floor?
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    Major isssues with Barratt 3 bed semi detached

    Hi, We have moved in November 2016 and we still have a lot of unresolved issues. Some of which we had to escalate to the NHBC which to my shock made matters worse. They have tolerances but I have found them ruling in the builders favour even when walls/ceilings were out of tolerance, saying...
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    Tolerance of Straightness of Walls and Skirting

    I had my David Wilson/Barratt home measured by the NHBC although they do it the old fashioned way with a 2 meter level so it's probably not 100% accurate, turns out pretty much none of my walls/ceilings are level. At least 3mm out but the tolerance there is 5mm overall which is silly as it is...
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    Builder refuse to re-decorate property

    I had the NHBC over, just one excuse after another. Corners and edges don't have to be completely 90 degrees, they have way too much wriggle room. One moment they talk about " visible from 2 meters away, another time a certain amount of mm is acceptable despite it looking completely off I'm...
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    What is behind your Plasterboard?

    We have bad drafts coming through in the living room. How much do Thermal surveys cost? Are there any other ways to know if they installed corrrectly.
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    Creaking Floor Upstairs

    Good post , I too have issues with cracking noise travelling along the ceilings on the higher levels, I requested my plot file from the developer, and one of the contractors mentioned that I'beams require bracing. Shockingly the NHBC enabled the contractor but claiming cracking sound is caused...
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    Sign this Petition to govenrnent for better quality new homes

    i can't believe this didn't happen, surely everyone who's bought a new build home in the last few years would sign this petition in a heartbeat . I know I would, NHBC is worth nothing
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    anyone challenged NHBC report?

    Hi I sent the Subject Access request. And they sent me incomplete files. None of the files relate to the actual building specifications and or any information around the time prior to completion. nor did they include any reports on the ongoing snagging work. How can i make them send...
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    Creaking Ceilings - Getting Nowhere with NHBC

    Have received your PM will reply asap
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    Creaking Ceilings - Getting Nowhere with NHBC

    How does one go about this. I contemplated a banner on the roof to stop them from selling the remaining few houses on the development.
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    Creaking Ceilings - Getting Nowhere with NHBC

    I have the same issue as you "trapped in hell", the floors and the stairs creak loudly, only for the NHBC to rule it was "acceptable level of noise". It's a new build there should be no noise. I have also requested the files on my Plot, and they have yet to provide me the information. I'm...
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    No new posts for a while - have things got better?

    The posts are still not on the forum
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    No new posts for a while - have things got better?

    thank you very much.
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    No new posts for a while - have things got better?

    Most definitely not, I recently posted about my Barratt nightmare but the post has not even appeared on the forum yet.
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    Creaking Ceilings - Getting Nowhere with NHBC

    NHBC says noise levels deemed acceptable, excusing it by saying the building is settling. The noise level were not measured it's just his personal opinion by listening. He seemed very chummy with the Barratt person attending the site visit. In fact Barratt did open the floor a few weeks back...
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    Creaking Ceilings - Getting Nowhere with NHBC

    The refuse to do anyhing. And it's Barratt for me.
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    Barratt Home (Maple Park, Essex)

    Hi, I am wondering if anyone else from Maple Park or even Barratt has had serious issues with snagging. I'm not even talking about cosmetical issues (which I have tons off) I'm having serious issues with my floors & Stairs on the 1st and 2nd floor. The problem seems to be under the...
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    Escalation contact numbers for Barratts

    shame i needed it