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New Build Inspections
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    Gagging orders

    Can anyone help in explaining what these are all about and what it actually stop you doing/saying? Any help would be much appreciated..:confused: Thanks Clare
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    Manor Kingdom

    Any bad reviews or experiences with Manor Kingdom????? I'm buying from them and would like to see if there are any recurring problems/faults?... Thanks in advance, Clare
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    carrying out a snagging inspection...

    As crazy as it sounds, I'm buying a new build home:eek:. After the nightmare with Bett Homes (who are utter rubbish btw) on the last one and all other the problems I’ve read about on here I wanted some advice for the next one. The completion is due for July/Aug (this year) and I want to make...
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    Aberdeenshire Newmachar-what a joke!

    I bought my 1 bed 'luxury' apartment back in june '09, was meant to be complete by October BUT I'm still not in it. The bad quality of the build has resulted in water penetrating through the walls and guess what... it's still not fixed. I wrote to the local paper and they have printed an artical...