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    Medical community outraged by this 21 day weight loss secret?

    Is it possible to melt away one to two pounds of stubborn body fat every single day? It sounds insane, but according to the scientific proof — and the thousands who have already done it themselves using this secret — the answer is YES. You will never guess how it’s done... (Hint: It’s NOT about...
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    See you there? Tony Robbins Live - 22/23 October 2016

    I am going to see Tony Robbins for some American style over the top motivation. If you are going let me know and we can grab a coffee :) National Achievers Congress 2016
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    Add Your Twitter and Facebook Accounts Here

    Please reply to this thread with your Twitter accounts and Facebook groups
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    Completely Free SIM card from FreedomPop - 200mins, 200txts and 200meg Data

    I was looking for a new deal for my two kids and came across a great deal from Freedompop. It was £6.99 for unlimited text, calls and 2.25mb of data. They only had 500mb previously and were always running out and I was paying 02 £10 so it sounded perfect, so I went for it. I phoned O2 to get...
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    Comment on David Wilson Homes Customer Care by Simon Ayriss

    We purchased our home from David Wilson Homes in 2007 and chose Dvid Wilson Homes as they had been in the past seen as a quality builder. Unfortunately this has proven to be far from the case and we have endured and still do nearly 4 years of wrangling with DWH. When we moved into the property...
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    Comment on What is a snagging list? by Gavin Shaw

    Hello, we bought a new build 2 bed apartment 4 months ago in Clapham and are very dissatisfied with many aspects of the builder's work. We continue to report the growing list of latent defects but the builder and the developer are very slow to respond and reject many of our complaints. Before we...
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    Comment on Should I buy from Berkeley Homes? by flynnsmum

    so far ive not even viewed a BH development. but i've asked for details of their e14 site at limehouse cut as i want to move into that area. suffice to say this site has made me 'wary'. i will probably still view the properties BUT i will be ask far more questions before i part with any money. i...
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    Should I buy from Berkeley Homes?

    We regularly receive emails from prospective buyers asking if they should buy a new home from Berkeley Homes. Sometimes they ask us if they will get a bargain now that prices have dropped. Its a tough one. We can’t tell you what to do and we would urge you to ensure you have a good [...]...
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    Collective Update

    In response to the high-level of continued media interest and multiple enquiries, we have decided to post this update to let you know the current situation with the Berkeley Homes Collective. Since the group began in 2008 we have provided support, guidance and a collective front against Berkeley...
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    Homes from Hell

    ITV are currently producing the next series of the hugely popular Homes from Hell programme. We were recently contacted by the Homes from Hell team about our grim experiences with the bully boys at Berkeley Homes. We know that many of you have a Homes from Hell story to tell about Berkeley...
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    Comment: ITV Homes from Hell Needs You by James Gardiner

    In Oct 2008 I bought a house for £291K. At the time of purchase it was awaiting a completion certificate therefor my solicitor withheld £5K until the issue of this in December. This certificate gave me permission to run the house as a B & B. Very shortly after I started business I knew there was...
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    Comment: ITV Homes from Hell Needs You by Serena Lister

    Hi, We bought our house in Nov 2008 after just getting married, it was suppose to be our dream 3 story home, it has turned out to be our worst nightmare, the problems began the first day we moved in, no central heating working, no oven working, no fires working, when the heating was fixed, 2...
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    Comment on Going public about Berkeley Homes by jadene12

    again iam in the same situation having bought an offplan flat in ilford with galliard homes, would be interested in how your cases have progressed so far ? More... Berkley Homes Collective
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    Comment: ITV Homes from Hell Needs You by mac housley

    my mother had dementia and had to be looked after 24/7 in a special care home, to help with the cost of this we rented out mothers house through an established agent, the tenents were on benefit and the rent was paid for the first five months and then they simply recieved the rent and spent it...
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    mac676 on Misrepresentation the best defence

    15 months now since the completion certificate was issued. The developer has since lost to an investor I have been assisting with an out of court settlement returning the deposit plus legal fees. The developer only bailed out just before court with the court date having been arranged. That has...
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    melvinudall on misselling

    An update on this. I complained to trading standards and finally the result of their enquiry was that the developer recived a formal caution and the selling agent a written warning about misdescription of the apartments. Not the same as them being prosecuted however can anyone advise where to go...
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    Mina on Instant Access Properties

    Hi I am new to this  but would like to hear from anyone in my situation.  I purchased a plot in the Kings Dock Mill developement Liverpool after giving in to constant phone calls from the their team.  Now I am unable to complete and would like to hear from anyone in the same boat or from...
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    Comment on Bloor Homes Blog by Vijay

    Hi! All, We reserved a house in Oct 2009 and had been told that the completion will finish in April 2010, I wonder How this great journey finish so quickly & smoothly, I don't know how builder can say perfect date about completion, Thanks to Well planed people who worked, so hard behind the...
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    News - UK housebuilding 'set for slump'

    Housebuilders could be hit by a massive drop in the number of new homes built in the UK, a new report suggests. More...UK housebuilding 'set for slump'
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    Snagging Facebook Site

    For those that haven't seen it yet we have a new Facebook site dedicated to snagging. It would be great if you could become a fan :)