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    Roof tiles cracked

    I have been to the developers regarding the roof and that I thought it should not have a hole like I found and sent them a picture of (I will attach). They sent someone to look and yes they say that is how it is and there is nothing wrong. Months later I’ve had an independent roofer out to take...
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    Advice needed please

    Hi, since moving into my new home I realised straight away that I had got next doors paperwork (electrical certificate, gas safety, boiler manual, cooker etc) I have brought this to there attention numerous times and still nothing it’s been 7 months now. Any advice on what to do would be great...
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    Surely this can’t be right for new builds

    Can anyone please advise me on all the white on the brick, most of the new build on the estate have this issue. I have lived and seen other new build houses and never have I seen this on them.
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    Rising damp concerns

    Hi, I bought a new build 30th October 2020 and noticed the outside bricks are wet and above the damp course. I have raised my concern to the developers who tell me it’s not a concern as it has got double damp course so nothing to worry about. I am worried as I thought the dpc was to stop the wet...