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    Bellway loses beauty contest

    Beautician Gerorgina Blackwell wins £75,000 compensation in High Court in row over access rights A beautician from Essex has won a legal battle against Bellway Homes after defending herself in the High Court, the Daily Mail reports. The case centred on land next to a grade II-listed former...
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    Persimmon furious over Bellway's social housing plan

    16 October 2009 By Michael Willoughby Housebuilder of ‘aspirational’ Hartlepool development joins popular protest against partner of 12 years Persimmon Homes has joined the attack on Bellway Homes for building social housing on a site previously reserved for private homes. The news...
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    Light at end of tunnel for homes left in dark

    A HOUSING firm has come under fire after leaving residents on a Stalybridge road without street lights for almost a year. The first residents moved into Cypress Oaks, off Huddersfield Road, in summer last year and street lights were put up in November. But despite repeated requests to...
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    Developers dumped sewage into stream

    Published Date: 25 July 2009 A CONSORTIUM of developers have been fined £24,000 after polluting a stream for 500 metres with sewage from their treatment works. Allison Homes Eastern Ltd, Persimmon Homes (East Midlands) Ltd and Stamford Homes Ltd, who operate the treatment works in Deeping St...
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    National house building council

    National House Building Council v Relicpride Ltd & Ors [2009] EWHC 1260 (TCC) (22 May 2009)
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    Misery: Crest Nicholson vs Mr & Mrs Western

    I suspect the National House Builders Council is not pleased to see its Buildmark protection scheme for house buyers being picked over in court. Nor, I suspect, is the Crest Nicholson Group pleased to see its name being picked over in the judgment of Crest Nicholson (Eastern) vs Mr and Mrs...
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    Buyers on two more Bellway estates plan legal action

    Buyers on two more Bellway estates plan legal action - Building
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    Portishead man may sue house builder after sign knocked him out

    Simon Winslade legal action Persimmon sign Bristol News | This Is Bristol
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    A look back at those who made the headlines in 2008

    See first paragraph January re Persimmon Homes A look back at those who made the headlines in 2008 - Hawick Today
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    Poorly-fixed lintel killed child

    see attached link for BBC video BBC NEWS | England | Northamptonshire | Poorly-fixed lintel killed child
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    maple Lodge Persimmon Homes video

    Check my website and You Tube for videos on Persimmon Homes defects Persimmon Homes my house of horror nightmare - Maple Lodge
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    Persimmon buyers be aware
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    i hope you have better luck than me please see my website persimmonatmaplelodege - My Persimmon Home
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    'A new build should given us peace of mind'

    There is a very good article on page 64 of House Beautiful dated July 2008 in whih Georgina Langridge has had problems with a Charles church( Persimmon) property
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    Press help required please

    I am looking to publicise my story abouut the six years of hell i have had with Persimmon and the NHBC, which has resulted in a five day trial commnencing 15 December 2008. Please contact me on many thanks
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    No end to my problems with Persimmon

    After six years my defects have not been rectified by Persimmon and the five day trial is scheduled for the 15 December 2008.