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    General Snagging Advice

    Hello and welcome to the forum. Check out - Professional Snagging Inspections Across The UK - New Build Inspections
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    Barratt Homes PL2 - massive delays - what can we do?

    Sorry to hear about this. As you rightly state they will have no contractual penalty as a result of this. You could try writing to the CEO directly with the information above and see what happens. If you did want to go down the Small Claim Route you need to ask them to put the situation right...
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    Persimmon Homes - No Electrics in Garage

    It will be tricky as you would need a wayleave to get your cable across the neighbours land. You may need another solution - battery powered LED lighting
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    Nicholas King Homes

    I have not heard of them which is a good thing. If they are a small family run business, for example, you will probably get a much better quality home and better service. Good luck.
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    David Wilson Homes

    Ask for it to be fixed as it looks absolutely terrible, good luck.
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    Persimmon moving date do I have any say in this?

    It will make Xmas more stressful for sure, esp as many year end houses are rushed so they can hit their targets and may have more than the usual number of problems. However, you might get lucky.
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    No new posts for a while - have things got better?

    Welcome to the forum. I don't know whether they have the most complaints, but the contractors that build these homes work for many different companies. The house-builders are just a brand.
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    Taking developer to Small Calims for stress, inconvenience etc

    If you keep your claim to specific out of pocket expenses that the average person on the street would recognise as being reasonable then you get get your money very quickly.
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    Have you seen this? Complaints about NHBC’s Claims serviceWe value the opportunity to investigateconcerns you may have about any aspectof our service and are committed tohandling all complaints thoroughly, fairlyand promptly.If you have a complaint about ourservice, or any company employed by...
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    Taking developer to Small Calims for stress, inconvenience etc

    I think you will struggle, you need to be out of pocket and claim back the expenses. That is straightforward.
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    snagging - do cosmetic items ourselves & negotiate reduced price?

    The answer is already no - you have nothing to lose by asking. However, if it is one of the bigger builders it will be more difficult as there is going to be less flexibility in a big corporation. Some people agree retention clauses until the snagging is done.
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    Really surprised this section is empty

    They used to feature a lot... not sure what happened. Perhaps there are some forums/facebook groups just focussed on DWH
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    Dry powdery mould

    Hello Robbo, Welcome to the forum - have you you tried contacting environmental health at your local council? Best wishes, Tony
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    Plans show a bathroom window, there isn't one there.

    Hello Katie, many of the plans that you see in the brochures have disclaimers stating that they are for illustration only or some such wording. However, if you have the plans that were used for the build then you do have a good case. Your conservancy solicitor should sort this for you. I...
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    Service charge

    Do you have a link for that petition as I could not find it earlier Cheers, Tony
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    Medical community outraged by this 21 day weight loss secret?

    Very good Dez... I think the lucky ones lose money, some get seriously ill with the stress and worry of it all. However, some good can come out of it. For example, it can bring communities together whether an online one like this or a housing estate with a common enemy etc.
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    Service charge

    I seem to remember someone starting a petition about this as it is largely unregulated. There must be a contract somewhere, ask to see it.
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    Bellway Garden dying

    I had the turf replaced on my home - basically they hadn't prepared the ground properly before laying the turf so it died. I am guessing a similar problem. Good luck with the NHBC
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    Medical community outraged by this 21 day weight loss secret?

    Is it possible to melt away one to two pounds of stubborn body fat every single day? It sounds insane, but according to the scientific proof — and the thousands who have already done it themselves using this secret — the answer is YES. You will never guess how it’s done... (Hint: It’s NOT about...
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    Very loud sub-floor footstep sound

    In the first instance get in contact with your builder, in writing, and ask them to assess and put it right within a reasonable period of time - 4 weeks. If that doesn't work, then you should contact the warranty provider - NHBC probably. Let us know how you get on. Cheers, Tony