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    Solicitor won't exchange&complete, so Builder has withdrawn the contract

    I am guessing, but it sounds as if your mortgage provider will not release funds. If this is the case it will be because the warranty provider has not yet produced a "cover note" to confirm that the property meets their standards. As you bought off plan in January the value of the property could...
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    Poor work and still not finished

    The guidance given to NHBC Inspectors was that a final completion certificate should not be issued if i.) There is a defect likely to cause a future claim. ii.) There is a defect likely to have health and safety implications. iii.) There is a defect that is likely to cause disruption to the...
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    NHBC Guidance

    Thanks for that Tony I have also come across a case in which the builder told a client that floor screeds where not covered by the NHBC Standards. He may well have missed the very brief mention of floor screeds in the Standards in Chapter 8.3 D (e) which refers to BS 8204 In situ flooring...
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    NHBC Guidance

    Don’t be fobbed off by the builders claiming that the contents of the NHBC Standards are “guidance” as that is a misrepresentation. The first chapter of the Standards states the Technical Requirements, which are printed in red and MUST be met by the builder. The following chapters then set...
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    Advice please :Charles Church (Persimmon Homes)

    Persimmon have a poor record, Charles Church, a trusted name before Persimmon acquired them, is the brand for their upmarket homes. At the end of the day it is down to the site manager, the back up he is getting from higher up and the time he has got to achieve completion. A look around the...
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    Damp/Mould You may find jumping to this thread useful reading: At least you now know you are not the only one who suffers this problem.
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    Help please - brick pier for external door

    Assuming you are talking about half brick thick walls, then brick piers are highly necessary! Not least to give the carpenter something substantial to fix to. If there are no piers they will be constantly coming back to make repairs as the door reveals will not have the necessary strength or...
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    Very poor join in carpet of new build

    You are right in everything you say. It sounds as if the carpet fitter measured the area of all the carpet within the whole house without allowing enough for "waste" and ended up finishing off the room to which you refer with a couple of odd pieces he had left over. It is completely...
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    Are floor joists like this normal?

    "Engineered" joists such as those shown in your photograph are de rigeur amongst the major housebuilders now and are produced by several manufacturers. They have been successfully used for well over 10 years now. Their advantages over the original timber joist are greater strength for the depth...
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    NHBC Guidelines for Wooden Windows

    All your assumptions are correct. Paint is covered in NHBC Standards Chapter 8.5 Knots in timber should be treated. If they have to be retreated on site then the new surface application should match adjoining surfaces, which means the windows will probably have to be redecorated complete...
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    New Homes Starts Up

    New housing starts up 63pc in the three months to June | News | Construction News
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    Shoddy Building Work and Zurich Guarantee

    Electrical and gas test certificates are a requirement of the Building Regulations. They are a legal requirement and the enforcing authority (probably the local council Building Control department) should have had sight of them before signing off the property against Building Regulations.
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    New Home starts continued to rise in June

    NHBC: New home starts continued to rise in June | News | Construction News
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    Window frame fixings...

    Yes, but the number of fixings and their spacing must be sufficient to meet the standards quoted above.
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    Window frame fixings...

    NHBC Standards Chapter 6.7 - S3 (b) states: "Window frames and linings should be fixed solidly, level and plumb and should be either: • secured by door/window cramps, or • plugged and screwed. Fixings should be not more than 600mm apart and not more than 150mm from top or bottom...