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    Ben Bailey's Responce & Where to go now???

    This is the letter that I sent to Ben Baileys Customer Service Team and the response that was given, I am apsolutely disgusted with their reply and wish to take this further were do I go now, im tempted to take this all the way to the papers if I have to I havent even been living here a year...
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    Anyone know what this is ???

    We found what we can only describe as a silicone sealant tube holding up our shelf in the kitchen cupboard anyone else had this?? Can post a pic at the moment forum wont allow it Also can we complain about the fact that our internal door between the garage and the kitchen is letting in a...
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    wall structure help needed

    Hi ya, yep they have put in 12.5 so they have complied with standards, the only battle i think I can raise is the fact that these were sold as family homes and there is no family that wouldnt put a stair gate at the top of the stairs and because there is no joyce to put one against you would...
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    wall structure help needed

    They will fix it but just fill it with plaster it wont be suitable to re-put the gate up with therefore we have no choice but to get the wall taken down and re put up by a outside builder
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    wall structure help needed

    Hi ya Yeah have tried apsolutely everything the problem the builders have now left us with a whole the size of a letter box in the wall and we had a builder come out and quote us yesterday and the whole wall will need to be re-done now due to it being weak and re-skiming we are looking at...
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    wall structure help needed

    hi ya we orginally did this and bought the proper screws that went into the plaster and then expanded at the back of the wall but this didnt hold either.
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    wall structure help needed

    Hi ya instead of letting me move the gate when they replaced it in the first place they plastered over the gate and a day later it just cracked under pressure and when they came round this morning to fix it again they said that they shouldnt of fixed it the first time round they didnt have to...
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    Complaints Procedure in New Build - Non Existent

    I too am finding the same thing no one wants to know, the after service care is shocking and so wrong there is no ombudsman to go to tigi
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    wall structure help needed

    i have recently moved into a ben bailey home which is covered by a 10 year nhbc. we have two children one 4 and the other 9 months and we wanted to have a stairgate at the top of the stairs. we bought a stair gate which just has rubber bits at each end that pushes against the wall. one...