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    NHBC legal obligations?

    Legal info! The legal nature of the NHBC's Buildmark warranty | The Law Gazette David Lewis - Barrister Profile New house warranties are 'jerry-built' - Telegraph We won the battle of the Wharf | News
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    NHBC legal obligations?

    A warranty or not? I have several legal extracts of various relevance to this. mmmm? How can they be posted? But to the case in hand: NHBC are blinkered. The designer should have overseen his design holistically. NHBC see & report what suits them. I have a case where roof tie down...
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    Dear Steve Completely agree about NHBC. I got a case at the minute, rejected initially...

    Dear Steve Completely agree about NHBC. I got a case at the minute, rejected initially, admitted now 'serious structural' problems. It would be good to share ideas with you. Adrian
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    NHBC Forum

    NHBC automatically notify the Builder. The Builder is always given the opportuninty to put the concern right. Only after builder refusal will NHBC do the work. Builder liability is only for the first 2 years. Everything looks good at the start. Paint can hide a multitude of sins.
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    Missing beam in our 5 bedroom persimmon kensington!!1

    "the house is a health and safety risk and at anytime things could get worse!!!" I would agree with that. Lets you know the severity of your issue. Check your home insurance policy for legal protection.
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    Structural beam missing - advice needed

    Missing Structural Beams is not a minor defect. It is VERY serious. Do not except a palm off. Once you sign the paperwork you are relieving them of all responsibility. You need the matter investigated throughly.
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    Gladedale Demolishes

    Dear Colin Jack I have personal experience of a garage with living accomodation being condemed. However does anyone have knowledge of a house being demolished under NHBC guarentee. I have an NHBC inspector saying in 23 years none have been demolished.
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    Porch droop

    Hi persimmonowner Could you please email me photos to I am currently dealing with moving roofs on several properties.
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    When are cracks snagging issues?

    Dear Kevin You need to get your property check out properly and professionally ASAP. The Expert Engineer || Cracks in detached garage walls due to untied roof structure. Thermal cracking is an insurance buzzword. Why? Because they'll have to fix problems then. I currently have a case...
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    Comment: ITV Homes from Hell Needs You by Serena Lister

    Provided the development was completed, the NHBC guarantee is independent of the contractor. Hence the solvency of contractor is irrelevant. 3. I have been in my new home for 18 months and notified my builder of some faults with the home. Who will fix them if they go out of business...
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    Comment: ITV Homes from Hell Needs You by James Gardiner

    Was this property built by a reputable contractor? Does this property come with a NHBC guaranty? The Expert Engineer
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    1 year old flat-is a snagging list applicable?

    No. But any issues you find can assist in negotiating the price!
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    Plumbing and roof - top floor flat

    Dear Robinson I appreciate and understand your frustration. Firstly let me address the most significant issue: Any problems with the roof of the building which you have a flat in, are for your management company to deal with. It is their responsibility to address any upkeep maintenance...
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    Dear Steve Very similar issues to yours were covered by watchdog. There are two watchdog videos on the web site. The Expert Engineer||Help and advice with structural claims Feel free to check them out. It is rather easy to do a damp % test. It is more difficult to diagnose the...
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    Homes from Hell

    Hi Guys I have an interesting one on the cards currently. I had to survey a property recently. I found major issues, covered by NHBC. The interesting point for you, since then it has come to light that approx. half the street has all the same issues. From External abservations, I...