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    Creaking Ceilings - Getting Nowhere with NHBC

    The process is very simple, email with the heading SAR Request with your house plot number and full address. Request ALL information relating to the address, and you, your wife personally, plus any/all internal internal correspondence, phone calls, job sheets, relating to same. Give them 28...
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    Render Crack

    We purchase a new how and depend on the insurance from the NHBC, has anyone ever thought of investigating how the builder is backed up to the hilt by these inspectors - should we not “follow the money” I am sure there could be a link somewhere?????????
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    Local Developer going back on agreed works & more

    First - was the promise of work stated with anyone else there, a witness? Second - do you have insurance for the house, check it for Legal Cover, if this has (as most do) use them to start a claim. Third - the legal rout should start with a registered letter to the builder, then a report to...
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    Persimmon Roof Construction - any thoughts ?

    Have a look at the Roof Trusses, with cleats, this is my roof in parts, the other parts are like yours, that is why I am taking the Builder (laughable) to court.
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    Persimmon Roof Construction - any thoughts ?

    Hi Look at the cleats, there are none, so you have an unsafe roof. So contact the NHBC - ASAP as the insure the building for 10 years, they are paid for by the builders so are very very limited to their accusations but is a start to getting a decision to go to the Ombudsman, with this terrible...
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    buying 5yr old house do I need to get a survey

    The Agent wants money so will tell you the Lords Pray to get the sale. You must not use the Solicitor recommended by the Agent or housebuilder, find an independent solicitor who will recommend a survey, no matter the age of the property. Should they not, then they are useless and should be...
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    new build - home demo - first time buyer

    Whatever you ask they will have a standard answer- most, most important is get good insurance cover, the bigger the better, believe me I did and thank god I did, as they are all the same. Hope that helps and good luck Naill
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    Creaking Ceilings - Getting Nowhere with NHBC

    Hi Firstly request a SAR from both the NHBC and the Builder, then you will be better prepared to go with your experience and the SAR information to a snagging surveyor to list the defects then to the Ombudsman with all the information. Then should you not get their backing you have shown you...
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    Group Litigation

    No - but if there is anyone doing a group litigation against Story Homes - let me know to join. good luck with your quest
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    NHBC Funding

    They are and owe their existence to the building companies. Should you start a movement to bring this to the people through the media, then count me in as a feed of information as I have been screwed by both Story Homes (the laughable 5 star builder) and the NHBC, their lap dogs.
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    Surely this can’t be right for new builds

    We have a Story Home which has so much white brickwork we thought it had snowed, we checked the calendar to ensure it wasn’t Christmas. Should you have bought a Story Homes house then hard lines, the builders should all wear ten gallon hats. Should you have had a decent builder build your...
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    Taylor Wimpey reviews

    Why just Taylor Wimpey, we are all n the same boat, in my case Story Homes, why can’t we all write to our MP,s and complain about ALL new homes as they are S1HT and knocked up for bonuses by a bunch of the cheapest tradesmen (sorry for calling them that) working for money not quality. We ALL...
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    Riverdale Developments

    Try paul frost of snaggaroo and above all get covered by an insurance company for all property and legal matters. If nothing is wrong then you are ok to cancel in a year. But if the worst happens then you are covered. Neil FIBC (retired)
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    Driveway size requirements

    Your comment on the drawing dimensions- you bought off plan, so that is your case in a nutshell. You can advise this to the builder and explain you will go legal should they not adhere to the plan of the house you bought in good faith. Neil FIBC(retired)