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    Help dealing with Miller Homes Scotland

    The NHBC "quality" Awards are, in my opinion, little other than subjectively assessed 'top of' site manager charts which do not necessarily indicate total compliance with NHBC Technical Standards and the requirements of Building Regulations. I speak from a position of intimate knowledge. My...
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    Help dealing with Miller Homes Scotland

    And your point is?? SteveF
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    nhbc grp lintels and sills

    Any news Leon??
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    Hi Adrian I am based in Sheffield at the moment and could come over to the North West some time...

    Hi Adrian I am based in Sheffield at the moment and could come over to the North West some time to meet up. 07969 257626 Steve
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    Persimmon Homes/Charles Church

    Hi there Can you be more specific regarding why you are considering legal action and where in the UK you are based i.e. England or Scotland.
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    Comment on What is a snagging list? by Gavin Shaw

    "Latent Defect" ? Hi Gavin Google latent defect to be certain that you have the correct term for the defects you are referring to. Should you be referring to defective works of any kind including non compliance with NHBC technical standards (assuming that the property is covered by an...
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    NHBC legal obligations?

    Warranty cover where Building Control by NHBC Hi PJLoyd If you check Section 4 of the Buildmark Warranty you will see what cover is provided. Additional Cover in years 3 to 10 if NHBC's subsidiary did the building control; NHBC Will Pay For "Repairs needed where there is a present or...
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    NHBC Forum

    This has been resolved SA....this is a case i have been involved with since July 2007 and which resulted in the NHBC contracting in Dec 2010 to buy back the property. This only after significant pressure was applied - quite some story.... SteveF
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    NHBC Forum

    Perhaps there is something significant in what you say coxysrfx!!! "as they did last time." Maybe the NHBC should take this action with "EVERY" developer/builder that fails to meet his obligations with regards to the warranty. They would most certainly gain a significant improvement in the...
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    Hi Rachel I will PM you my contact details....i may be able to help. SteveF
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    Moorland Heights Ripponden West Yorkshire.

    Hi HS If there anything that you consider, you or your neighbours may need by the way of expert assistance, then please let me know as i am based not too far away. SteveF
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    Persimmon Leaks

    Hi WW Did you send the letters toNHBC with the Claim ref number attached?If soby the standards set out in their customer charter a response should be with you in 10 working days. I would wait a little while before chasing but if nothing arrives within a reasonable time frame escalate to the...
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    Moorland Heights Ripponden West Yorkshire.

    Half the story Hi HS From what you describe my belief would be that there could well be significant issues that have not become apparent as yet. How old is the development? SteveF
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    Malvern Vale

    Paranoid ....just be well informed Hi Denise Its a pleasure....if you think i have helped in anyway then that has made my day!! One way to hopefully ease any concern is to become friendly with the site manager and butter him up.....tell him of your concerns regarding all the bad things...
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    Malvern Vale

    Hi there I think it is important to understand that not all new home purchases go terribly wrong. Generally I believe that if a builder is employing a knowledgeable, experienced and dedicated site manager then it is to be expected that quality and standards issues will be minimal therefore the...