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    Charles Church snag list

    If you are still within the 2 year builders liability period and have reported the problem And the issue is a credible breach of warranty standards then you can make a claim for arbitration with your warranty company if you have an nhbc warranty ...if you have one of the others it may be more...
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    FMB time for change

    Posted On: 26th June 2018 Following on from the “More Homes, Fewer Complaints” report in 2016, the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Excellence in the Built Environment has once again called for the creation of a housing ombudsman to tackle issues they have identified in the house...
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    Best : time for a new build ombudsman
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    Bovis homes snagging news

    Nothings changed ..bovis are still as difficult to deal with Check out the bovis Facebook pages
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    Creaking Floor Upstairs

    The manufacturer gave us copies for ours