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    Brand new shower tray squeaks - advice please

    sounds like theres been some settlement in the floor underneath it now
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    NHBC Tolerances - Who enforces them?

    yes experienced snagger will be able to quote the various tolerances breached nhqb is not fully valid until next year and its a voluntary code
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    New Build, very cold as windows not well sealed, advice, please?

    you need a thermogrpher . snaggers can undertake this , but it sounds to me though you need a specialist try paul buckingham at sustatinable lifestyles ...hes the best i know
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    NHBC Tolerances - Who enforces them?

    the tolerances vary depending on many things ....find some one who understands the nhbc standards and get them to present your case if you bought your home recently you may be able to use the new home ombudsman service
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    Builder gone bust, who can help with snags?

    find a local handyman put a note out on facebook
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    Survey vs snagger

    speak to the neighbours ... ask them what kind of an experience they have had otherwise new builds = snaggers 1th century cottages = surveyors horses for courses
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    LSL Land & New Homes

    builders are notorious for changing names , and using SPV s ....special pupose vehicles to hide behind for tax reasons or avoid liability on a project just make sure you are protected in contract and you have a good warranty use a good solicitor not a conveyancer and continue to ask...
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    problems in new build homes click on link
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    NHBC Conflating Reported Issues

    see above
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    NHBC Conflating Reported Issues

    youre looking at going to court i think ...let them decide do you have legal cover on your home insurance ? costs less then 12000 you can go to small claims my understanding of nhbc is that if you reported the issue in years 1 or 2 then they would be supportive i have clients where they...
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    Help with Ground / Foundations level in comparison with others

    I see what youre saying some sites have restrictions on how high the fencing can be if you dont have that you could perhaps add to height of the fence ...depending again on who owns that boundary ....if you dont own it .....then youre into putting up your own fence front of thiers from...
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    Help with Ground / Foundations level in comparison with others

    pic one ....the ground level compared to dpc is correct ...but its clear you have some general drainage issues around the house and gardens its not unusual for new homes to affect your drainage as water courses get altered it looks like you need some land drains installing .....speak to your...
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    help please re cracks and lintels

    thats an interesting one as its cracked the render as well as the stone lintel is this s south facing elevation problem ? its not unusual to see cracks in both ..i have some cracks in my stone cills at home ....but my warranty ran out years ago if your still in warranty ask them to have a...