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    Willow Croft, Paisley

    You are totally right it is commission and not a bonus. Yes, the site manager was utterly useless, although I have heard whatever he is doing now involved dinner with the Prime Minister – says it all really!!! If I knew what I know now and still purchased, I would first slap myself, and then...
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    Willow Croft, Paisley

    I thought I would post to highlight our issues at our estate. I hope this will help anyone considering reserving a property at Willow Croft. We have been in our house for 20 months now and still have ongoing issues. We moved in to the property in December 2013 and to be honest it has been one...
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    Researching about Persimmon Homes in Edinburgh (Gyle) - flabbergasted!

    Reservations do fall through. They will be keen for you to reserve now and move in by December as this is their year end sales = more bonuses for the sales staff and site manager but will mean rubbish finish for you with much heartache and inconvenience for you for many months to come after you...
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    Is it just me or is it the norm?

    Totally the norm for Persimmon Homes. They have you over a barrel as you are so into the build stage and you'll now be emotionally attached to the whole experience they know you can't get out of the whole debacle as financially it will cost you a fortune. I highly doubt Persimmon will give...