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    Bryant standard plumbing

    The link to a photot on Flickr shows the plumbing underneath the hot water cylinder. This is a pressurised system. Only identified problem after small leak through to livingroom. Our poor neighbour had the same lovely plumbing but unfortunately the whole thing blew when they were out and dumped...
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    We give in!!

    After two and a half years in our new Bryant home of: - Draughty windows and doors. - Appalling plumbing, 9 leaks - I will upload a photo showing just how shockingly bad the plumbing was. - Poor heat insulation, there was none in the garage roof below a bedroom and a freezing cold utility...
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    Draughty windows & cold rooms

    We bought a Bryant house about a year ago and with others complained early on that the windows and doors were draughty. All the windows/doors had thicker seals installed (throughout the site) but this hasn't been entirely successfull. Our utility room is so cold we've had to fit a draught...