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    Leaks - Complaints Procedure = Non Existent

    Well the good news is that Bryants have stopped their development early in Northampton - but now they leave the estate unfinished - there is a surprise!!! Requests to resolve my ongoing compensation claim are just ignored, their Customer Charter is not followed at all - the worse customer...
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    Water & Electricity Do Not Mix - Can someone let Bryants know!!!

    Bryants seem to believe that water and electricity go well together!!! - Amazingly it does not - I was asked to plug in water drenched electrical items - by their site manager - even being blonde and female I decided not a good idea! Dangerous as not everyone has commonsense and it could lead to...
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    4yrs Later Major Problem Come To Light!

    Here in Northampton - every neighbour I know has had at least one leak - I have 4 and still 9 months on they are delaying paying me what it is they owe me - I was even advised by the Site Manager to plug in wet electrical items - guess he thought being blonde and female hopefully I would go zap...
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    First house & first set of issues, need advice please

    Make a comprehensive list of all the faults -give them a copy and keep one for yourself and ensure that everything is fixed to the highest standard - maybe even get an independent snagger in to ensure that you have not missed anything - the NHBC seem to have little power - or if they have they...
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    This might be something you can talk to NHBC about - but don't hold your breadth as they have little power - with a bit of luck if they fitted it 1 year after the build then you may still be covered under the 2 years warranty - I would just keep making a fuss and hopefully they will see sense...
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    Complaints Procedure in New Build - Non Existent

    Actually I previously lived in a Wimpey home for years and was extremely happy - this house I bought off plan and all was fine except for a few minor issues - then we had 4 leaks - it is not so much the leak itself - as these things can happen it is the way that it has been handled. It is now...
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    Taylor Wimpey’s Peter Redfern is home and dry

    Thank you for your help - great site - = have told several people on the site - also told them about the offer of assistance taking Bryant to court - much appreciated - keep up the good work and I sorry for all that you have gone through - appalling
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    Cracked render, and I haven't moved in yet!

    If they won't do anything get tell them you will get an independent snagger in and then you will be sending the repair bill to them - unfortunately you have to take the high ground it seems with housebuilders these days = there is no ombusman to help you and although you might get some advice...
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    Leaks - Complaints Procedure = Non Existent

    Thank you for your help and the offer of assistance - it makes me feel better to find out that I am not alone in this = I have told several other individuals on the site here in Northampton - one of them has had their boiler blow up 6 times!!!! I shall put them in touch with you hopefully
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    Complaints Procedure in New Build - Non Existent

    Buying a house is your biggest investment but then when things go wrong ie plumbing, subsidence etc. there seems no one to turn to as the major housebuilders ignore the customer The NHBC, Consumer Rights, Trading Standards, CAB, and even the Health & Safety Executive do not want to know If...
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    Probelms with Bryant Homes

    If you are having problems with your Bryant Home and cannot get anywhere and want to take legal action - contact - the chap their has a solicitor who will act for FREE if they can get more than 20 + complainants
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    Legal Help in taking Taylor Wimpey to Court

    Actually if your home is a Bryant home - then check out the website - the chap there has a solicitor that is willing to act for FREE if they can 10 or more complainants involved - he has had major issues. Have just told another individual who is on a site in...
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    Taylor Wimpey’s Peter Redfern is home and dry

    I wondered if you could give me some guidance on how to take them to court. Although they have said this is with their insurers in actual fact its not they are doing it through a Claim handling company - because they do not want to pay the access I suppose on their insurance - although they did...
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    Ive been robbed due to NO LOCK!!!

    I would think you have a case - talk to NHBC - although they have a only a few powers - put in a claim to them - or get your house insurance to claim against them -
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    Legal Help in taking Taylor Wimpey to Court

    Dear Tony Thank you for your assistance so far Yes I am in talks with them currently - and trying to find out who the insurance company are as just dealing so I can put in a claim against them for the delays etc. through the FSA