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New Build Inspections
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    Creaking floors in new build - inevitable?

    I am sure that there is a lot to improve regarding that floor! What could be done for example is remove that carpet and the floor boarding and replace it buy a good isolating material and a good vinyl or laminat flooring! Good luck for your project :)
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    What are my rights?

    Interesting story. As Tony mentioned, arbitration is very expensive and could be a suboptimal solution. Bit you'll never know before ...
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    Past Postings

    Yes, that would be really interesting to know if some of the stories did have an happy end. Would also like to know if the NHBC could really help some of the members.
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    Floor Deflection

    That's a sad story, Never Again. Many developing companies just don't have the balls to admit mistakes. I hope for you that NHBC will find a good solution soon.
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    Unbelievable. Didn't know that Redrow is so deep in trouble. They seem to have a lot to resolve.
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    :D Funny story, kruppking. Maybe I'll come over some day and take a swim with the kids. :rolleyes:
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    Persimmon Homes from Hell

    of course, staff and site manager are important but nevertheless, you also need a reliable building inspector as you can see in the above mentioned case.
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    Residents anger at damage to new homes

    Thanks for posting the article. Seems that he residents were lucky and nobody was hit by the tiles but Redrow surely has to imrpove their work.
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    has my road been adopted

    I experienced problems with an unadopted road 3 years ago. I had to phone several administration bodies until the issue was fixed.
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    A similar story occured a few years ago in my neighbourhood. You should contact the builder and put a little pressure on him so that the he really tries to solve the problems. Otherwise this could become a never ending story.
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    Ongoing Saga

    That's a difficult question, bruce. If you have a written document by the flooring expert you can show it to the NHBC. If they really consider it, that's another question. But that's the thing you can do to prevent further troubles.
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    Thanks for the detailed post, willyj. I think that's a very complex topic. Probably the best thing to do is to contact the local administration and tell them about your plans.