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New Build Inspections
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    anyone challenged NHBC report?

    you obviously haven't tried to snag a site then? or indeed worked in them. even fitting a new kitchen in a new build you play russian roulette hanging anything on the walls, pad and dab walls are a nightmare to patch up and even worse if its tape and joint although to be fair you can at least...
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    Drainage - NHBC

    makes a change, barratt build good houses badly, persimmon build bad houses badly. I'm in a 11 year old one with brickwork done I assume by the local primary school.
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    Creaking Ceilings - Getting Nowhere with NHBC

    you can sister the beams which adds strength or try doing what the builder didn't namely glue and screw the floors down. the floor is supposed to be glued to the joists and to each other or at least to each other. floating floors were fine when the houses weren't specced on the cheap. you can...
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    anyone challenged NHBC report?

    did you have it properly snagged and was there a retention clause in your contract? both make matters easier but not the repairs as modern builds are not designed to be repaired as they are supposed to be built right first time. sometimes the press like local papers desperate for a story...
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    substandard floor 11 years on

    okay all probably nothing new but we moved into an 11 year old persimmon house in birmingham against my better judgement but she was insistant. I used to be a kitchen fitter so knew what to expect and thought I could get around it even though I knew that persimmon build badly designed homes...