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New Build Inspections
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    Hot Water tank on Chipboard!

    The floor boards should be tongue and grove, and should easily be able to support the later tank. Maybe pictures would help - can you take some?
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    Praise where its due

    The problem with new build houses is people believe they can move in on the first day, crack open a beer and everything be perfect. The reality is, it's not. Expect it to be like buying a second hand house, there will be niggles, and a tradesman will cut a corner if he is allowed to. My house...
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    Has anyone actually won against this housebuilder

    I'm sure there's much more to this thread...
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    Gagging orders

    Surely these could vary to say anything. I'm guessing it will be watertight, so you won't be able to talk about in any public media.
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    Troubling times with persimmon @ hampton, peterborough

    Sounds a difficult situation dubious buyer; I suppose at this stage you need to think what the smaller house is worth to you - and offer that. If that is unacceptable, end the contract with them (I assume you have exchanged?) as they broke it... then walk away. Let us know how you get on.
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    Possible reservation on the heronsbrook site

    I have a Persimmon home, and and very happy. But I do understand, and take an interest, in all other problems people have. The advice I would give is only buy a house that has either been already built, or is at a stage where there is only minor work left (e.g. decoration, plastering etc). I...
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    Anyone know what this is ???

    The door between the kitchen a garage should be a firedoor, hence no draft at all.
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    Drainage for drive.

    Here's the building regs: Planning Portal - Approved Documents Have a look for drainage, as I don't know the answer. The first two points, I have to agree with the forman. A garage is not a habitable room, and water can get in. My garage is single brick, and it does state water can soak...
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    Roof - what's wrong?

    I'm no expert, but I wouldn't worry about dirt. The rain will do that for you. But the gap behind the bay window, that may be a problem. Does the flashing go up under the tiles? I would assume it does, so any rain would run off the roof - can't you have a close look using a mirror from the...
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    Is this 'damp' or an actual leak (I.e. the rain is coming in)? I'm unclear.
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    5 bed detached problem

    Hmm. You really need to work out where the heat is leaking. Try checking: Gaps behind radiators? Where the pipe goes in the wall. Windows, gaps - also air vents if any loft insulation - including loft hatch? You could also try drilling some holes, maybe in the loft, and using a boroscope to...
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    Car parking regulation advice

    I think the best thing to do is check with the planning department, which you could probably do online.
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    To buy or not to buy- Persimmon Show Home

    If it's already built, just get a surveyor's report - go for a detailed one, and any problems would be identified.
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    Mortgage offers expiring prior to completion?

    Oh, another thing people don't realise is this 28day exchange is 28days from when your solicitor receives the contract, not the date you sign the reservation. It took me 2.5weeks to instruct my solicitor due to doubts at the time!
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    Mortgage offers expiring prior to completion?

    Many people did this before building even started during the boom years. People wrongly believed the worse that could happen is for them to lose their deposit, which is what happened during the boom years as the developer got the buyers 10% (or whatever) and then could sell at a higher price due...