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New Build Inspections
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    Hardcore/Rubble (new build garden)

    please can you post photos on this page of the odder blue/white materials you have found in your garden, as you have said there was an unusable asbestos-riddled building not far away that Redrow needed to demolish. This could be rubble from this building and it could be asbestos that was...
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    Weavers Chase, Morley

    I bought a Redrow house in July 2011 just before Redrow pulled out of building houses in Scotland; I had raised various snagging issues after we moved in and had real trouble getting things sorted out as Redrow had passed all snagging issues over to the company they sold out to, Springfield...
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    David Wilson Homes

    The standard brickwork is of poor quality and the bonding of the brickwork above the porch is shocking, the bricklayers have not used a line when building the brickwork over the window arch and have not correctly set out the bond of the brickwork over the porch. There appears to be a ¾ bat and a...