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    NHBC and Slate Roofs

    Over a year has passed with still no final resolution but some progress. I decided to do more research on the issue of Building Regulations and the sorting of natural slates and it is a requirement of BS8000 part 6. Since my new build contract states that the building will be constructed in...
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    Kier Group / West Mercia Housing

    Any update on the court action?
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    NHBC and Slate Roofs

    Thanks for your quick response, I'll post again once I've decided what to do......
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    Barratt/David Wilson Home File

    Hi I'm new here and thinking of making such a request for my own situation. You say in your 1st posting that the data supplied should include all information and correspondence relating to your property. How far does this have to go? Does it include contracts with sub-contractors to do work...
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    NHBC and Slate Roofs

    Does anyone know whether the NHBC requirements require a slater to sort/grade the slates prior to fixing as 'recommended' by the slate suppliers and by BS 8000 part 6? If the NHBC were to assess a roof which a slate supplier and a roofing contractor have both said this has not been done...