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    I have been in my new property approximately 14 months. Is anyone able to advise whether the develpers will correct any settlement cracks that have appeareared?
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    Changes to specification

    I need some help regarding our new build property. The property is approximately 4 weeks behind schedule and we have hit a further hurdle. We were contacted by the site office earlier in the week to advise us that the builders had painted our new house the wrong colour (yellow instead of blue)...
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    On the advice of other users I plan to try and arrange a retention if I feel it is required when I complete the pre-completion walk through (with my snagging list!). My question is will it still be possible for the conveyancer to arrange a retention at this late stage...
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    Snagging query!

    Hi. I have recently exchanged contracts from a new build property which is currently being built for completion in October. Having heard lots of horror stories about poorly finished houses I was wondering if one of you experienced people could help! When we have our pre-completion walk round...