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    Kier Group / West Mercia Housing

    Well it looks like I'm the first one here. As I understand the corporate structure at Kier, they mostly build for shared ownership, and have different names for different regional companies, and the Midlands part (called Kier Residential) has been swallowed up by another division - so it might...
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    Dangerous or standard practice?

    Our new house has an external electricity meter cupboard, but as well as the meter, there is also a huge on/off switch. This means anyone with a meter box key can turn off all the power to the house, including the mains powered smoke alarms, the fridge/freezer and (if we fit one) the burgalar...
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    BBC1 Property Show

    We are in exactly this situation - the houses over the road have been abandoned, and we are now opposite a muddy field with some sewage pipes, piles of rubble, gravel, a couple of JCBs and (oddly) 5 garages that belong to the houses that aren't there. Drop me a pm if you want a chat... we've...