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Thread: Driveway size

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    Default Driveway size

    When buying our new house we looked at the double garage with a double driveway infront and never thought anything of it. Now purchased we have realised that we cannot park 2 cars on it and get out of the drivers doors, open the garage doors with the car parked on the drive. The dimensions are 5M wide(brick wall either side) to an angled length of 4.8M one side and 5.2M the other. My cars are 4.8M long so the cars stick out into the public footpath our driveway attaches to. On the council planning guidance they have a recommendation of minimum 6M length infant of garage to allow for opening doors. Any advice? or has anyone come across this problem before? We are the only house on the whole estate with this issue

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    Default parking spaces too small

    A common problem
    Caused by builders and designers cramming more into less space and

    Space standards are guides and not requirements
    Many Thanks

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    It used to be a planning requirements that drives in front of garages were 6m long as you say to allow for the garage door opening and at least 2.4m wide. The standard parking space is 2.4 x 4.8m so a double garage drive should be 4.8m wide x 6m long.

    You have the government to thank for reducing planning requirements to such an extent, that affordable housing requirements can be dropped and even protected species such as newts are no safe from development!
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