Snagging Inspections
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    Default Why are people so tough on house builders?

    We are in the process of buying a house from Linden Homes and so far they have been so very obliging, friendly and helpful.

    I get that some people have a bad experience escalated with such a big emotional purchase but don't people expect too much? I've seen some of the pathetic menial snagging pictures in here and I find it a bit ridiculous.

    I know the paint work will be a bit shoddy and expect snags of which most should be fixed but MY GOD it has to be better than buying an old house. I think people forget that. Damp walls, walls that weren't primed first that then flake off, sewage smells that nobody can figure out, dodgy electrics, poor insulation.. cracks..

    I'll miss the romance but I have to be honest I'm looking forward to waving bye bye to our victorian money pit.

    Hands up maybe I am being utterly naive and I don't want to upset anyone who has had a really bad time as I am sure it does happen.

    I'll report back in future to let you know if I still have this view.

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    Snagging Inspections
    From experience and reading messages on this and another forum it’s very common to find builders and other site staff obliging, friendly and helpful. The problems tend to start once money has changed hands and you move into your new home. One piece of advice I took was don’t treat the Sales Rep as a friend and stay professional. We bought a Bellway new home last year and far fewer snags than expected, some so minor my husband dealt with them so yes I agree some people can be very fussy and pick on every slight imperfection. As for your Victorian money pit, you’ll be surprised just how much your heating bills reduce once in your new home (providing it’s well insulated and corners cut) we have and been very surprised at just how much we’ve saved. Good luck with your new home and it will be interesting to read how things are when you move in.

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