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Thread: Wet brick

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    Default Wet brick


    I am hoping for a bit of help. We have lived in a new build property for about 18 months now and am coming to the end of the warranty period. I have one wet brick as shown in the photo. I first noticed this about 9 months ago, but it may well have always been like this. This is on the side of the house. I have questioned this with the builder, and their advice was to clean it off and that should resolve the issue. I have given it a good clean and left it for a couple of weeks to dry out, the photo is taken after this and their has been no change.

    It is below the damp course, so I am not worried from that respect, but it looks unsightly and I can't imagine regular freezing and thawing in winter will do it any good.

    I am awaiting a response from the builder, but wanted to get some ideas of what it might be.

    Any help much appreciated.

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    strange that its just the one ,keep the grass back away from the masonary , if you can ....keep grass short ....i see the grass is dying

    below Dpc its not going to be an issue really
    Many Thanks

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