Snagging Inspections
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    Default Builder trying to prevent access during the extensive works they denied 2 years ago.

    After 2 years the extensive defects with the installation of our floor and plumbing and electrics in the floor void has been accepted. This is from 300 photographs we took in 2015 from the same holes that were made in 2015 that were shown to Wainhomes in 2015 and sent to the NHbc in 2015. So after 2 years Wainhomes and the NHBC now admit what our expert was saying 2 years ago, but in 2015 the NHBC and Wainhomes refused to deal with our expert and denied anything was wrong with the construction.
    The consumer code for builders 5.2 was ignored, the NHBC did not assist us to enforce Wainhomes to comply with the code that the NHBC rules states compliance is mandatory . Now we have also found out the ijoists do not meet NHBC techincal requirements so what are these ijoists doing in our home in the first place, how can they have been approved for use ?
    How can Wainhomes attempt to prevent access to our home and prevent us obtaining the evidence we need and to check what is found once the whole ceiling is down.We are expected to trust the same people including the manufacturers that denied anything was wrong 2 years ago?
    This nightmare had no end in sight, and the NHBC say they cannot answer why the NHBC abandoned us 2 years ago as the people have left - one of whom was Mr.Quinton the CEO!We have been truamatised for 2 years having this accepted has consumed our life for over 2 years along with all the other issues with this house that is supposed to be expertly crafted.

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    Snagging Inspections
    They can't deny you access to your house. It's your house.

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