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    Default Sound Proofing - New Build Flat

    Hi all,

    I am currently at loggerheads with Persimmon homes regarding the sound insulation coming from upstairs in my first floor flat.

    I have contacted the developer and obviously they have stated that the flat has been sound tested and built in accordance with building regs. As I can hear every footstep and more, I severely doubt this is the case -
    the ceiling evens shakes/tremors at times as result of walking upstairs!

    I am currently liaising with an acoustic consultant about some independent sound testing.

    It is a timber frame construction between first and second floor, and I am aware the upstairs neighbour has vinyl throughout - clearly not good for soundproofing.

    Can anyone confirm that with a timber frame, should the developer/management company be enforcing carpet covering with good underlay? I was of the impression this was generally required.
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    Snagging Inspections
    I don't think a developer can dictate what floor covering a home owner chooses to have.

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