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    Default Redror or linden

    HI, We are looking to buy our first house after living in flats all these years. Both houses are in the same area in Leicester and have similar sqFootage the built time is 6 months apart (redrow completing later)
    We liked two houses
    4 Bed Redrow(Henley): 395000; 3000 free upgrades+2 Intergrated Fridge/Freezer+ Additional upgrates(compared to the other property) on Gas and Hood and completed master bedroom with Carpets and fitted Wardrobes


    5 Bed Linden (Polesden) : 375000: No upgrades offered no Freebiees (Bigger garden)

    We cannot decide, please can you provide your views

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    Redrow is better than Linden all day long!
    But not buying an new build home would be your best decision!
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    Snagging Inspections
    Quote Originally Posted by NewHomeExpert View Post
    Redrow is better than Linden all day long!
    Why? We are in the process of buying a Linden Home. :-/

    Surely they are all as crap as each other? I'm sure the lack of skilled builders is a national problem.
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