Snagging Inspections
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    Default Anyone taken these to the small claims court?

    Had no end of problems with my Charles church house. Have been through the whole nhbc process, some remedial work finally done after a year though!

    Anyway I was to take Charles church to the small claims court now for the year long ordeal, I can prove financial losses as a result of their shoddy workmanship / failure to follow sign off processes.

    Just wondering if anyone else had any success with it? Also contemplating consumer programme such as X-ray!

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    Snagging Inspections
    I am currently in the process of taking them through small claims.

    I submitted my original claim, as with you, for compensation due to loss of earning as a result of poor workmanship.
    They have contested my claim and defending it with their "Terms of Contract" which has several clauses. The main one that has me doing my homework before paying more to get a court hearing is this:
    Clause 15.1
    ..."The Buyers shall not be entitled to compensation in respect of minor defects or in respect of works carried out to remedy them."

    My argument would be that my 30+ issues that's taken 20+ contractor visits to the property to fix is unacceptable.
    Currently getting further legal advice before I proceed.

    One thing to note if you do proceed with small claims court, Persimmon Homes will always wait until the last possible moment to submit their response. Whenever they have had 14 days or however long, they have no responded until the last day.
    Its a long process but I am happy to fight them!

    Good Luck!

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