Snagging Inspections
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    yes you can challenge , what they say , i have done so and been succesful will need to bring something new to the table though

    expert advice, measurements etc will normally cause them to back down

    i had a client a few years back his floors dropped and the NHBC refused his claim , so we laser measured the foor , recording every single high and low spot on a cad drawing for the whole ground floor ( timber beams ) and it was a bungalow ....they paid out 27k in the end , after a first offer of 14k

    they operate just like any other insurance company .....they refuse and hope you will go away , and many do , and so they lose out


    check your facts , get your ammo sorted and appeal their decision
    Many Thanks

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    Snagging Inspections
    Quote Originally Posted by NewHomeExpert View Post
    It is called a Subject Access Request. Definitely well worth doing.
    House builders are legally required to comply and it causes them an administration headache so it is well worth the 10 just for that!
    If you are having problems with your house builder do a Subject Access Request and see what you get back!

    I am pleased you found the information on my website useful.
    it is just a pity potential new home buyers don't find it until after they buy and have the inevitable problems!
    My blog has useful information too, the latest being that the APPG government Inquiry is recommending the New Homes Ombudsman be set up!

    Everyone should write to their MP and demand the New Homes Ombudsman now be set up at the earliest opportunity.
    Nearly everyone on this forum would benefit!
    Hi I sent the Subject Access request. And they sent me incomplete files. None of the files relate to the actual building specifications and or any information around the time prior to completion. nor did they include any reports on the ongoing snagging work. How can i make them send everything? I have used the template from the website you requested but only received a lot of useless files.

    I have one piece of evidence from a contractor stating the "i" beams need bracing and requested to be rebooked for further repairs. They brushed that under the carpet and claim no further repair was required.

    But it would help having proof that they did not build the floor to requirement.

    Any support would be greatly appreciated.

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