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    we are about to reserve a property in the new development in Morley, Leeds and would love to hear from other peoples experiences/advice with Redrow or the process in general.

    Would especially love to hear from anyone who is going through the same thing with Redrow right now whether at this development or another.

  2. urfankhaliq

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    Also has anyone had any experience with the broadband provider IFNL? Turns out the Redrow development didn't have BT or Virgin etc, just has FTTH with IFNL.
  3. NewHomeExpert

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    Redrow aren't "as bad" as most of the other housebuilders so not many buyers will be members on here.
    But don't take this as a recommendation to buy a Redrow new home.
  4. Brian Cranston

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    I bought a Redrow house in July 2011 just before Redrow pulled out of building houses in Scotland; I had raised various snagging issues after we moved in and had real trouble getting things sorted out as Redrow had passed all snagging issues over to the company they sold out to, Springfield Homes.

    I wrote to various people within both company’s but go nowhere, so I ended up taking my case to the NHBC, at first they tried to side with the Redrow but once I informed the NHBC officer what I did for a living he soon changed his tune, I ended up being paid £15, 375 by the NHBC to fix the snagging issues, who in turn retrieved the money back from Redrow.

    I would advise anyone buying a property from any builder, to employ the services of a snagging expert prior to concluding the sale of the house to make sure the builders does not get paid until you are happy with what the snagging expert picks up and has been rectified before moving in.

    I did not get the chance to snag the house before I moved in as the house had been completed 3 months prior to me making the purchase, I would not make the same mistake again.

    It pays to have any new house expertly snagged before you part with your hard earned money.

    So in general all house builders are alike, they are in the game to make as much profit as possible and will drag their feet when dealing with remedial works once they have your money
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    I couldn't agree more. Housebuilders rely on the trusting naivity of 90% of the people that buy brand new homes.
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    Thanks, I have spoken to Homesnag who seem to do a very comprehensive snagging report but as its early days yet I cant book as I need to have a date for them to be able to do the snagging.

    Will be discussing this with the Redrow sales representative nearer the time for sure.

    Have aso told my solicitor that I want this in the contract, they said they will put it forward to Redrow and see what happens.
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    We have had many issues since buying ours a couple of years ago, paint finish, plastering, plumbing, flooring, carpentry etc, it's a long list. (Over two years later we still have issues). Takes ages to get anything sorted with customer services, you have to ring many times to get anywhere with them. In our experience when any repairs are carried out you end up having to get them back as they damage something else.

    I would never buy another new house from Redrow !

    It's been such a bad experience, check out the reviews online and you'll see many unhappy customers!.
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    Hi Doh1 which development was that?
  9. Doh1

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    It's a development within the midlands, I'd rather not be too specifiic at this point

    The houses are only as good as the contractors building them unfortunately, but it's not as rosy as the sales guys say when you need to get snaggs/remedial work sorted....you really feel they don't care once you have given them all your money....

    Our problems started 10 minutes after getting the keys, sink u bend wasn't tightened so all the sink water dropped inside kitchen cabinet, then that evening the bath dropped over an inch on one side after getting in, no wall brackets fitted!

    You may be lucky at your site with fit/ finish etc.

    We can't wait to sell up and move!
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